One Boruto Weapon That Is Far More Dangerous Than Naruto’s Original Sharingan!! 

Sharingan is considered the most potent Jutsu, but one Boruto weapon has a power that makes Naruto’s Sharingan useless. 

In episode 12 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Sasuke Uchiha teaches Boruto how to use the Sharingan. He then proceeds to use it to help Boruto understand how to use the technique. 

At first, it seems like Boruto is just using his regular Sharingan, but it is something else. This blog will look at this new eye technique and its dangers.

The most potent Boruto weapon

Few Jutsu from Naruto are as instantly recognizable as the signature Sharingan. Boruto introduced people to a new version of this sneaky tool, but one that looks more like something advanced than just a simple eye power-up like the original Sharingan is.

While Sasuke’s God tier Sharingan is one of his most mysterious Jutsu and one of his most potent abilities in the Naruto universe, it may have been outdone by this Boruto weapon.

Boruto Weapon
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In the original Naruto series, anyone born in the Uchiha clan possessed the Sharingan active. This is because it was their Kekkei Genkai or Jutsu bloodline limit. The Sharingan is an advanced form of eyesight and a bit of an improved chakra receptor that allows a person to copy all types of ninjutsu even if they have been sealed. 

It offers various benefits like increasing reaction time together with enhancing battle capabilities. The Jutsu has specific weaknesses like making one exhausted and being sensitive towards bright lights. While Boruto introduced a different Jutsu way back, there are still several tools for use as alternatives to it. 

The gauntlet is just one example from Boruto whereby it can enhance one’s senses plus provide protection against enemy attacks in addition to weaknesses and drawbacks.

What makes Boruto’s weapon the most powerful?

The Shinobi Gauntlet’s best quality is that it doesn’t require chakra, primarily because in Naruto’s world, “chakra” is something more like fierce spiritual energy. Ninjas should use natural energy to fight and live! Furthermore, because there is no requirement to learn this Jutsu beforehand, learning some new special attacks can happen on the fly while fighting to hit an opponent harder than expected. 

Boruto Weapon
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This makes it easy for anyone to use, and even if they are blinded or run out of scrolls, they can still fight just as efficiently – one might say this makes the Shinobi Gauntlet invincible! 

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Of course, this compares the Boruto weapon  Gauntlet to the Uchiha clan’s signature tool and attack method, Sharingan. 

It has many more capabilities that are incomparable to anything Naruto can use. But while a lot of people appreciate Boruto’s mighty Gauntlet, Naruto’s iconic Sharingan still gets so much attention from being around since childhood because he could harness such excellent abilities with such beautiful variation unlike anything else. 

So this was all about Boruto’s weapon; we will be back with more till you can comment your views about the most potent weapon or Jutsu.


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