This Shocking Blacklist Death Disappointed All Fans!!

Hello Blacklisters!!

We are taking that you all have already watched The Blacklist series of 9 seasons aired on Netflix. And now we are all waiting for the 10th installment, which James Spader, the series star, has already confirmed. 

This news was revealed during his appearance on Feb ’22 on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” 

While the last season was loaded with twists and turns, there were a bunch of deaths, too. This Blacklist death surprised every fan!! 

The Blacklist Plot Is A Roller Coaster

Blacklist Death
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We see the series beginning with one of the most fugitive criminals and his surrendering to the FBI in a mysterious way. 

The American actor James Todd Spader portrayed the series star Reynold Reddington – the wanted criminal. 

He offers help to the FBI in catching hold of the most dangerous criminals in return for immunity. His only condition to provide support is that he would be working only with the new profiler Liz Keen played by Megan Boone, for almost a decade. 

The Blacklist Death – A Big No From Fans!!

Blacklist Death
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The show moves ahead, with the viewers witnessing a lot of twists and turns in the plot. 

We also see many characters going from guest appearances to having mainstays in the show. 

The viewers have not been very welcoming to the changes happening in the front. The biggest move to date was the shocking Blacklist death of Liz Keen, aka Megan Boone, who has been associated with the show for more than ten years. 

How did the death of Liz take place?

The Raymond and Liz pair has been the show’s centre for a long time. The sudden death of Liz has created an uneasy wave in all the fans. 

The ones who have been wanting more of Liz on the show and those who were not that big fans of Liz. Both sides have been disappointed with The Blacklist Death – the death of Liz Keen. 

The Redditors are not in a mood to accept it too. And we do have comments and reactions from the Reddit world specifying how the sudden death of Liz, aka The Blacklist Death, has not served justice to the character of Liz Keen in the Season 8 finale. 

Will the character of Liz Keen redeem from The Blacklist Death?

Blacklist Death
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The death of Liz Keen seems to be a final one compared to the one in Season 3, where she faked her death to save her daughter. 

But this time, it seems it’s a forever closure to the character of Liz Keen. We have fans still believing that The Blacklist Death will be revoked, and Liz Keen will be back with Reddington to work more. 

The show does have a habit of getting back characters from the dead. But this time, we have Megan Boone announcing herself at the end of Liz Keen in the show. Yet it doesn’t mean that Liz cannot return. 

The Wait

As the character of Liz is brought to a closure by the Blacklist death, many fans are still hoping to have Liz back in the game!! 

So, if you are a fan, watch the series and stay updated to cherish the 10th Season coming soon!!

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