Black Panther 2 Cast Updates: This Major Star Won’t Return To Wakanda Forever!! 

While all eyes are on Black Panther: Wanda Forever’s release date, several leaks, and news are keeping things hot on social media. So, today we are here with some spicy updates on Black Panther 2 cast!! Here is all we know. 

This Major Black Panther 2 Cast Member Won’t Be Back!! 

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Daniel Kaluuya, who played W’Kabi in the first Black Panther film, has said he won’t be a Black Panther 2 Cast any longer! He stated that he will not be playing the character again in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Is Kaluuya’s announcement a fact or something lying under the bed?

Black Panther 2 Cast
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In a recent interview with Rotten Tomatoes awards editor Jacqueline Coley, Kaluuya said that he would not be reprising his role as W’Kabi in Wakanda Forever because of scheduling issues with Jordan Peele’s Nope. 

Early this year, Kaluuya’s return to Wakanda Forever Cast was rumored after a costume designer’s CV seemed to confirm the actor’s casting.

Although the journalist emphasized that the two movies, Wakanda Forever and Nope, were shot simultaneously, several Coley’s fans questioned whether “schedule conflicts” might be a cover for any other underlying cause?

Get out, Nope!

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After appearing in Jordan Peele’s 2017 horror movie Get Out, Kaluuya is set to take the lead in Nope

The story of Nope concentrates on two ranch-owning siblings whose father is crushed to death by an unknown item that falls from the sky. To help them obtain video proof of a UFO, OJ (Kaluuya) and Emerald Haywood (Keke Palmer) engage a tech salesperson. 

Along with Kaluuya and Palmer, the movie Nope also stars Steven Yeun, Michael Wincott, and Brandon Perea. The film is scheduled for theatrical release on Friday, July 22, 2022.

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