Black Clover Chapter 347 Release Date, Spoilers & More – A New Storm Is Coming In!! 

Black Clover 347 has a ton of potential for various narrative approaches. To accomplish their primary mission of protecting the populace, the members of the Ryuzen Seven fought Paladin Sister Lily and the Sacred Five-headed Dragon in the previous chapter. 

Although the Shogun had warned them about the Paladins, the five members of Ryuzen Seven showed their mettle by defeating the mythical beast together. The battle between Ryuzen and the Paladins will take up the bulk of the next chapter. 

Fans can now see the strength of Paladins after seeing the Ryuzen Seven shine. So,  what is the Black Clover chapter 347 release date? Let’s find out.

Black Clover Chapter 347 Release Date 

Black Clover Chapter 347
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Yuki Tabata’s Black Clover is the second series he’s written for Weekly Shonen Jump. Since its debut in 2015, there have been a total of 31 volumes published as of January 2022.

This manga by Tabata was translated into English this year. Chapters are released weekly, though when they are made available can vary greatly depending on where you live. The Black Clover chapter 347 release date is January 8, 2023.

  • Pacific time, 7 AM
  • Central Time 9 AM
  • Eastern Time 10 AM
  • British Time 3 PM
  • Central European Time 4 PM
  • Indian Standard Time 8:30 PM

Black Clover Chapter 347 Spoilers

Black Clover Chapter 347
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Since the Ryuzen Seven has already defeated the five-headed Sacred Dragon, they will likely face off against the Paladins in Black Clover chapter 347. Kezokaku or Ichika might have to deal with Sister Lily, one of the Paladins, while Daizaemin, Komari, and Jozo might come up against the other two Paladins. 

As for Asta, she’s been working out with Yosuga and Fujio. He might make an appearance by the chapter’s finale if he has made any headway in his Zetten training. The Magic Knights of Clover Kingdom were last seen by their adoring public long ago.

Consequently, Black Clover author Yuki Tabata could easily include them in the next series.

Where To Read Black Clover Chapter 347?

Black Clover Chapter 347
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In Black Clover, Chapter 347 is one of the most anticipated chapters. You can help support the creators of Black Clover by reading the series for free on VIZ Media and Manga Plus. 

Those who subscribe to MANGA Plus from Shueisha or Shonen Jump from Viz Media can read the next chapter of Black Clover as soon as it is released. The former provides access to all of a series’ manga chapters. 

Meanwhile, manga fans can read the first three chapters and the last three chapters of any series as many times as they like on the Shonen Jump app. It’s important to note that each chapter can only be viewed once.

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