Black Clover Chapter 336 Spoilers: Get Ready For A Major Twist!! 

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So, today we are here with some super amazing Black Clover chapter 336 spoilers and leaks. 

All you need to know about Black Clover!! 

Black Clover chapter 336 spoilers

Black Clover is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yuki Tabata. The story is about Asta, a boy born without magical powers. 

Then, later he plans to become the next Wizard King. Yes, but this is unknown to everyone. But what happens next? Keep reading!

Ah, read ahead at your own risk; here we bring you the hottest Black Clover chapter 336 spoilers!

Yes, as the new chapter is yet to be released, the trending Black Clover chapter 336 spoilers are out too soon. 

It looks like Asta’s return is confirmed to an unknown land. OMG, but what would happen in the end? Will it solve all the mysteries or create one? Ah, without wasting time, let’s get going!

Black Clover 336 spoilers mark the first look of Yuno Grinberryall

Black Clover chapter 336 spoilers

Yes, it’s after 15 months of the time skip. Read at your own risk because Black Clover Chapter 336 spoilers reveal Asta and Yuno’s path diverges until the Holy War! 

This chapter is titled “The final enemy”

You should know that this chapter will start with Clover Kingdom people discussing the events of Lucius’ attack. 

Also, Yami calls Nacht to confirm Asta’s status, too. What would have happened with Asta’s shadow? Yes, the truth of Lucius is no more a secret now!

Yuno is seen with a ferocious look!! 

Also, alongside Mimosa, Noelle and Nero are seen with mixed expressions as they’re so shocked. Also, Nacht is seen to have the ability to sense the shadows at that moment. 

Nacht would be seen recalling the incident from the Spade Battle

Black Clover chapter 336 spoilers

Yes, at the moment, the devil was observing them from a distance, too. Did you know these devils were sent by none other than Lucius, and then he connects them to the underworld? 

Did you know Fuego wonders if Lucius had some mind technique?

Yes, he was wondering if he had some manipulation technique that he used on Sister Lily! We can’t wait to watch how he uses his Soul Magic on her! Further, Lucius shares that his chances of losing to Yuno are just 0.001%. 

Yes, it’s said that Yuno still will win ahead of Lucius and will become the Wizard King! 

What happens at the end of the chapter?

Yes, this was something unpredictable. Asta is seen at a strange unknown place, while a mysterious human says, “Oh, there are you!”. 

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