Biggest Yellowstone Reference Only True Fans Noticed In 1883 During Elsa Dutton Death Scene

Yellowstone 1883 was simply astonishing for the fans. However, with so much happening around, many fans have missed some of the Yellowstone references in 1883 season 1. Elsa Dutton death scene is closely linked with one of the most epic scenes of Yellowstone. 

Elsa Dutton Death Scene
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Moreover, the numbness of Elsa Dutton’s death overshadowed the key reference. So, today, Sassyshows is here with one of the biggest Yellowstone references in 1883 that only the true fans have noticed. 

Biggest Yellowstone Reference During Elsa Dutton Death Scene In 1883

On February 27, 2022, Paramount+ delivered the ultimate treat to the 1883 fans. A season finale episode that stunned every single 1883 viewer. With its tenth and finale episode, 1883 eliminated one of the most-loved characters, Elsa Dutton from the scene. 

Elsa Dutton Death Scene
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Paramount+ wrapped up the incredible journey of the Duttons to the west with a gut-wrenching climax for the fans. It killed Elsa, the most loved character of 1883. Though the fans knew that the destiny of their favorite character is to die out of an arrow wound, which slowly and steadily infected her to squeeze out every drop of life from her body, it was really heartbreaking. 

In the climax scenes of 1883 season 1, we witnessed as Elsa slowly steps into her grave, her father James pulls her down from her horse and helps her reach the shade of a tree. He cradles his beloved daughter in his lap to share a few final words. 

Elsa Dutton Death Scene
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This is one of the biggest references to Yellowstone’s recurring theme as we have already witnessed his moment before with John Dutton and his beloved son, Lee. As his elder son was slowly moving toward death, John dragged him under the shade of a tree. 

Moreover, in both the scenes, i.e., at the time of Elsa Dutton death scene and Lee’s death, we see a small birth symbolizing that John and his great-grandfather both are helplessly leaning on a tree with their beloved children deceased. 

So, these two scenes link 1883 season 1 with its predecessor series, Yellowstone. What do you think about the scene? Let us in the comment box. Stay tuned for more amazing articles. 

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  1. Love both movies I told my wife that this is why Yellowstone came to be cause of where Elsa Dutton final rest ended up. Can’t wait to see the new episode .

  2. There is a peace that occurs when you witness a loved one’s peaceful death. Birds and trees represent this same peace. The ultimate peace is knowing that your child had this peace at the end. That is the best legacy you can begin. We are keepers of the legacy.

    1. Another connection is the throw back sean of yellowstone that showed James Sutton and 2 sons ridding up on some Indians that wanted to bury their father on the Sutton ranch. The chief told James he wanted to bury his father on that big pine tree but he knew James would not let him do that. So they chose another site. this grave was dug up when they decided to dig a ditch for a new water line for the airport they wanted to build. This stopped all digging. James. Sutton had his 2 boys cut out a stear form the heard they were driving and leave it for the Indians to eat. The pine tree they wanted to use looks like the same one Elsa picked out. That is the reason James Sutton would not let them bury there Chef there. He did not want her grave disturbed..

  3. The only thing is Lee was already dead when John was holding him under the tree it was more for John the last time he would hold his child if you will remember he was draped over his Casey’s horse when he brought him in poor John just wanted to get him away from the eyes of everyone so he could hold his fallen son can you imagine in the stool one what a father must have felt guilty like it was his fault cause he sent them out to do a job that went terribly wrong it it wouldn’t be Yellowstone. Without the drama

  4. Very offensive and unfair to air 1883 on an additional fee channel when Yellowstone fans have already paid for cable access!!! Considering boycotting Paramount in its entirety…..disappointed!!

    1. I agree. …..did not pay to see 1883. ….. though I really wanted to see it and Elsa’s story …. can’t wait to see more of Yellowstone !

      1. Sign up for Paramount Plus and get the free trial time. You can binge watch it and then turn it off. I watch a lot of shows on there so I have a subscription. It’s worth it to me.

    2. You don’t have to pay for TV or movies. I discovered free TV. Movies at FLIXHQ.TO. I just quote caps so I know I spelled it out correctly. All free all the time anything you want to watch. I’ve canceled all my Netflix Hulu paramount
      .everything!!!!! You don’t even need wifi I run it off my unlimited data. I have 2 phones and an iPad unlimited data for.75 a month from metro pcs.

      1. I have an app called Cinema HD and it’s a bit tricky to download but once you do you can watch pretty much any TV/movie you can think of. If an episode is at 8:00 pm by 9:00 you can watch it then. Sometimes I get to watch even before it actually airs. That part is hit or miss. Once you download the Cinema HD( not through the play store) you literally need to go to Google/ chrome and type in Yellowstone/1883/ 6666, whatever you want to see and follow the instructions. I’m just letting anyone who decides to get it, it will take a few tries until you figure the correct way to get it. No commercials and nothing is cut out from all TV shows and movies. I have been using this site for 5-6 years. Anything that is on Netflix, Hulu, Paramount, Showtime. Whatever streaming service is used you will get it on Cinema HD

    3. I felt the same way, thankfully though T Mobile, my mobile phone service provider, at the time, was offering a free year subscription to Paramount+. If you happen to use T Mobile maybe you could still benefit. It is very irritating, all these new pay channels after you already pay $200 a month or more. I refuse to pay for more tv and good luck with your boycott. I don’t think I could not watch Yellowstone…..

    4. I agree we should not have to pay for another channel which also has commercials which I hate. It all should be on the same cable as the Yellowstone. Please change that

    5. Just go sign up for Paramount + and get the free trial week, binge watch it and cancel the channel. It’s sooooo good!

  5. BRILLIANT Script writing !… capturing the Soul of Young Elsa… must have
    been a challenge for a male psyche ! BRAVA !

  6. In Yellowstone the big tree right outside the front door of the main house has always held significance My thought is that John knows that’s where his very special great grandmother passed

  7. 1883. Incredible writing!!
    Yellowstone. Incredible writing!
    Elsa and Lee Dutton are held in loving fathers arm under a tree in the area that becomes the family cemetery I believe as James Dunn, Great Grandfather grieves the seat of his daughter, and John Dunn grieves the death of his son. The connection to me is the tree signifies the Tree of Life and the bird in each scene is a symbol for the rebirth of the Spirit.
    Beautiful writing.

  8. 1883. Incredible writing!!
    Yellowstone. Incredible writing!
    Elsa and Lee Dutton are held in loving fathers arm under a tree in the area that becomes the family cemetery I believe as James Dunn, Great Grandfather grieves the death of his daughter, and John Dunn grieves the death of his son. The connection to me is the tree signifies the Tree of Life and the bird in each scene is a symbol for the rebirth of the Spirit.

  9. It was hard to watch but I love this reference tying them together – the same tree. So sad but it just stays with you hard to wait for the next yellowstone

  10. The death of Elsa was absolutely heartbreaking… holding your child in your arms as they die… something that none should have to do… even in a TV show.

  11. Um…Hello….As she dies her and her father discuss Birds. “Birds sure are smart” Elsa says. John holding Lee after he’s dead a bird lands, as though it’s the spirit of past family. Beth, in scenes stating “Smart Bird”. It’s a subtle, well written nod to past family, the spirit that lives on as well as a nod the each of the series. Oh! And at the Beach, a humming bird looks him straight in the eye. I thought it was scenes well written to give depth. A deeper feeling. Thank you Taylor Sheridan. Your writing has touched my heart ❤

  12. Absolutely hated the fact that Elsa died and that 1883 is not a several season program. To me it does not interfere with Yellowstone. The 1883 characters could have had much longer stories as they undoubtedly would have in real life.

  13. The Indian elder told him that in 7 generations my people will take it back from you.
    The scene with John is that coming full circle as we see the tribe wanting their land back. I love both shows . It’s the Only tv I can get hubby to sit and watch. Can’t wait for 1932. And season 5.

  14. Yes yes I was thinking the same thing! I remember Casey brining him back and having to kill his brother in law at the time..I’m glad you said this because I thought I wasn’t remembering correctly. You solidified my memory. Thank you. Both scenes are heart breaking but James and Elsa his little girl who didn’t live enough life at the same time in a short time the last months of her life came into her own..she blossomed into a woman and experienced many adult things along their journey.. it was utterly heart breaking watching James.hold his daughter..such a tough man just broken. I mean completely broken and in pieces..he’s an amazing actor as is his wife. Elsa was an amazing character this actress really brought her to life. She was insanely believable..the whole cast was..I loved that show and Yellowstone will always be one of my top favorite series of all time. The actors are fiercely devoted to their characters..RIP is this insanely perfect man. Casey is also eye candy and tough as hell. I love his devotion to his wife..he’s incredible to watch as well. I’d marry Rip in a heartbeat nonsense attitude, devoted, loyal and good darn looking is a nice bonus. Just love both shows.. as fas as 1883 being married and playing the married couple on TV they brought it they really brought it. As singers for so long together they work well. Acting im.asuning isn’t much different because it’s a performance in the end. Truly..Both shows have amazing actors who are Incredibly talented beyond along with insane production and casting..whoever casted for this show hit it on the nose.. even the workers the diversity the good and bad times. It’s all what . I’m truly a die hard fan as I’m sure anyone I turn on to this show will become..also if you want unlimited free TV, some.litte kid on the train was Watching a movie you don’t even need wifi I just have metro pcs unlimited data its.called it’s all unlimited you can find Any movie any show they’ve got it.all for free..I canceled all my Netflix and Hulu. I kept peacock because it’s only 4.99 but I’m telling you FLIXHQ.TO THENpress home page and stop spending so much’s crazy..I was mind blown!! Anyway can’t wait for the next season of yellowstone..I stay awake for days Watching the whole season straight it’s like an addiction lol. I can’t wait. Love to all fellow Yellowstone lovers..🤩

  15. If John Dutton is Elsa’s great grandson, doesn’t she have to live to have a child? How can she be his gr grandmother if she doesn’t have any children?

  16. There is also a scene when John buried his son that they show Elsa’s grave/headstone. Another link

  17. ALSO IN YLOWSTONE THE BOY WORKING THE RANCH TOLD KEVIN “RACE YA. SAM WHEN HE REUNITES WITH elsa after her dealth thats what he says to her “Race ya”

  18. The 1883 ending was among the most hopeful things I have ever witnessed. After the unequalled sorrow of Elsa’s demise , we see her unfettered joy at arriving in her Heaven, spending her eternity with here husband as the ride into the sunset

  19. I have never seen Yellowstone but was a big fan of 1883. I agree with Sam Elliott. 1883 could have stood on its own. They rushed across the country in 2 months worth of episodes!
    I really loved the relationship between Ellsa and Sam. That would have been a better story to go with instead of killing her off. He was her true love. I would have liked to have seen Sam rescue Elsa for the third time.
    They settled in Montana because Elsa was in a coma and dreamt her and Shea’s death.

  20. Both deaths caused me to cry as loosing a child grown or otherwise hurts so much…you felt empathy toward both fathers who were helpless to fix their child.

  21. I really enjoyed both Yellowstone and 1883 and very sorry that they are over. Maybe they picked the tree to lay their children to rest because of the ability to always visit and/or have as a landmark.
    Sure hope there will be a sequel to both. Hats off to Taylor Sheridan!

  22. I just don’t agree on any level at all about the storytelling choices made in 1883 especially the choice to have Elsa die!!! T he endless possibilities for Elsa as she grows to become a mother and grandmother etcetc. I detest the decision to have Elsa die!!! It was stupid and nons&

  23. First, let me say I am a huge fan of Yellowstone and 1883. I only wish there would be a Season 2 of 1883 because there left untold and I’m sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the next Season of Yellowstone. Now with that said. Both scenes of Yellowstone are 1883 were powerful and deeply moving. As a father who has a daughter and a son who are the apple of my eye, I can only imagine how both men felt. What outstanding writing.

  24. I don’t get cable so I bought all 4 seasons of Yellowstone and the 1883 DVD! Watch anytime you want, lol

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