We Can’t Believe Creators Revealed This Big Dragon Ball Web Anime Update!! 

It’s been a long time, the fans are scratching their heads for an update on the previously announced Dragon Ball web anime. After Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the viewers are eagerly waiting for one more roller coaster ride and finally it seems something crazy is coming their way. Yes, you guessed it right, we have some amazing Dragon Ball web anime updates, and believe us you will get goosebumps hearing them. So, make sure to read till the end. 

Dragon Ball Web Anime Update new anime
Credit – YouTube.com

Big Dragon Ball Web Anime Update Coming This May!! 

Dragon Ball Web Anime Update vegeta goku
Credit – YouTube.com

As per the previous leaks, the creators were expected to drop an official Dragon Ball web anime update in December of 2023. However, the fans cannot hold on for such a long time and it seems the creators know that. If you are a Dragon Ball fan, you know that the franchise is obsessed with the month of May. Any announcement may be big or small, the creators love to drop it in May month. 

Dragon Ball Web Anime Update Goku
Credit – YouTube.com

So, as per a trusted source, the history will be repeated. A big and unexpected Dragon Ball web anime update is expected to arrive within the 9th of May. What to expect? Well, it will be iconic for the entire franchise and it will present a clear picture of the future. So, the creators will surely set the bar high. Fingers crossed and let’s hope for a big bomb to drop this May. 

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