Ben 10 Alien List – Which Is The Strongest Ben 10 Alien? 

Wondering to get Ben 10 alien list? Read this article to know who is the strongest Ben 10 alien.

With it comes to a super popular anime show that ruled over the television for decades, one name that strikes every fan’s mind is Ben 10. 

Ben 10 Alien List

Delivering a bunch of insane series and movies, the franchise entertained anime fans for a long time. So, today, Sassyshows is here to drive you into a world of nostalgia with the Ben 10 alien list. In this list, we have added the super popular and powerful Ben 10 alien. 

Classic Ben 10 Alien List 

Here is the Ben 10 alien list included in the original series – 

  • Heatblast 
  • Wildmutt
  • Diamondhead
  • XLR8
  • Grey Matter 
  • Four Arms 
  • Stinkfly
  • Ripjaws 
  • Upgrade 
  • Ghostfreak 
  • Canonbolt 
  • Spitter 
  • Buzzshock 
  • Blitzwolfer
  • Arctiguana 
  • Upchuck 
  • Snare-oh 
  • Eye Guy 
  • Way Big 
  • Ditto 

Best Ben 10 Aliens From Original Series 

Our top 3 picks of the best and mostly used aliens by Ben in the original series are – 

#1 Heatblast 

Ben 10 Alien List

Heatblast is the DNA sample of Pyronite from Pyros embedded within Omnitrix. 

#2 Diamondhead 

Ben 10 Alien List

Diamondhead is the DNA sample of Petrosapien from Petropia embedded within Omnitrix. 

#3 Four Arms 

Ben 10 Alien List

Four Arms is the DNA sample of Tetramand from Khoros embedded within Omnitrix. 

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Aliens List 

Here is the ultimate ben 10 alien list – 

  • Water Hazard 
  • Ampfibian 
  • Eatle 
  • Chamalien 
  • Armodrillo 
  • Terraspin 
  • Shocksquatch 
  • Clockwork 

Note – Apart from the aliens in the list, Ben can also transform into the ultimate forms of the aliens in Ben 10 Alien Force. 

Best Ben 10 Ultimate Alien List of Aliens 

Our picks of the best Ben 10 ultimate aliens are as follows – 

#1 Ultimate Humungousaur 

Ben 10 Alien List

Ultimate Humungosaur is the upgraded version of Ben’s humanoid dinosaur-like alien, Humungousaur. 

#2 Ultimate Big Chill 

Ben 10 Alien List

Ultimate Big Chill is the evolved form of Ben’s super powerful alien, Big Chill. The alien has two big wings and a bunch of fire and ice powers. 

#3 Ultimate Swampfire 

Ben 10 Alien List

Ultimate Swampfire is one of the most used aliens by Ben. He is the upgraded version of Methanosian’s DNA sample in Omnitrix. 

Ben 10 Strongest Alien List 

Here is the list of the top 5 strongest Ben 10 aliens – 

#5 Chromastone 

Ben 10 Alien List

Chromastone is at number 5 as his body is indescribable and he can absorb limitless energy. Some of his abilities are – Energy absorption, Ultraviolet energy, space survivability, enhanced durability, and more. 

#4 Way Big 

Ben 10 Alien List

Way Big is at number 4 on the strongest Ben 10 alien list. His height is insane and he can even block planet-level attacks. Some of his special abilities are – Cosmic Rays, Enhanced Speed, Enhanced durability, and more. 

#3 Feedback 

Ben 10 Alien List

Feedback is at number 3. He can absorb immense energy from a distance and can channel it in the form of powerful attacks. Some of his incredible powers are – Electrokinesis, Energy redirection, Energy balls, Radiolocation, and more. 

#2 Atomix 

Ben 10 Alien List

The second strongest alien on our list is Atomix. He completely stomped one of the most powerful Ben 10 aliens, Humungosaur. Some of his abilities include – Nucleokinesis, Radiokineses, Heat Generation, Nuclear Explosions, and more. 

#1 Alien X 

Ben 10 Alien List

Hands down! Alien X is the strongest Ben 10 alien. He is the most powerful entity in the multiverse. Some of his special abilities are – Invulnerability, Time Manipulation, Self Duplication, Immortality, and more. 

So, which is your favorite alien from our Ben 10 alien list? Let us know in the comment section. 

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