Bad News For Fans! Death Note Season 2 – Is There Going To Be A Sequel?

Will there be Death Note Season 2? Here is everything we know so far about the sequel.

When it comes to the best manga and anime ever created, one name that hit the top of the list is Death Note. It’s one of the masterpieces weaved by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. 

While the first season of the anime impressed the fans and garnered millions of positive reviews, it’s been over a decade since there are no updates about the sequel. So, will there be Death Note Season 2? The fans are still holding their hopes high for the second season of Death Note. So, here is everything we know so far. 

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Death Note dropped its first anime season back in 2006. So, it’s been 16 years, and still, it is one of the biggest and most successful shows ever created. The first season came up with 37 episodes and racked up 8.3/10 stars on MyAnimeList. 

After the immense success of season 1, the fans have been keen to explore deeper into the story and they continued to anticipate one more season. However, Madhouse, the studio behind the Death Note series has kept all updates about season 2 under the wraps. So, is Death Note Season 2 happening? Here is all we know. 

Will There Be Death Note Season 2?

Death Note Season 2
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The first anime season of Death Note has been a huge success for Madhouse as the show garnered incredible reviews from fans and critics. However, it’s been almost 16 years and there are no updates on the sequel. Unfortunately, as of now, there is still no confirmation about Death Note Season 2. 

As per our sources, the fans should not get their hopes too high for the sequel as there may not be one more season of Death Note. The continuation of the storyline is not possible as the main protagonist of season 1 is dead. Moreover, many of the key characters from season 1 have been eliminated from the plot. 

Apart from that one of the main hurdles that have been barring the creators from making one more season of the anime is the lack of source material. The manga which guides the creation of the anime chapters comprises only 108 chapters and the first season has already exhausted most of its content. 

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Is There Still A Hope For Death Note Season 2?

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Though there is not sufficient content to back the creation of the sequel season, there is a light of hope. Back in February 2020, Ohba released a standalone ‘Death Note: Special One-Shot.’ So, in case, the creator wants to tailor one more season, they can pick the story from this standalone. 

Death Note Season 2 Release Date – When Will The New Season Release?

Death Note Season 2
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Unfortunately, as of now, there are no updates on the official premiere date of Death Note Season 2. Madhouse, the studio behind the series, has not yet confirmed that a new season is underway. So, we will have to wait a bit more till we get an official update. 

What do you think will there be the second season of Death Note or not? Tell us in the comment box. 

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