Breaking News: Captain Marvel In Thor – Love and Thunder!! Marvel Revealed Shocking Updates!!

Captain Marvel In Thor Love and Thunder min

If 2021 was a gift for the Marvel fans, believe us the year 2022 will be a bunch of gifts. With several MCU projects including movies and series lined up, we will get to witness a collaboration of many of the Marvel characters. According to reports, we can expect Captain Marvel in Thor – Love … Read more

Who Is Black Knight In Eternals? Know The Truth About Mr. Whitman Marvel In MCU!!

Who is Black Knight

Marvel Eternals has added tons of superheroes and villains to the MCU. The movie has picked some of the iconic ancient heroes to re-introduce in the MCU. So, with the wrap-up of the Eternals, it’s pretty clear that the fan-favorite character, Black Knight, is ready to step into the MCU.  So, who is Black Knight? … Read more

John Krasinski To Play Reed Richards AKA Mr. Fantastic In Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness!!

John Krasinski To Play Reed Richards

John Krasinski To Play Reed Richards When it comes to the most popular Marvel characters, the name of Reed Richards aka Mister Fantastic has always jumped out to the top. John Krasinski has always been the top choice of the fans to perform as Mr. Fantastic. But, recent reports highlight John Krasinski to play Reed … Read more

Leslie Grace Revealed Batgirl First Look!! Here Are Some Shocking Updates!!

Batgirl First Look

All Batman fans, get ready for a new journey as “Batgirl” is suited up, and she is ready to punish those baddies. Batgirl first look went viral as the popular star, Leslie Grace dropped the picture on her official Instagram handle. The fans are pretty excited after seeing the Batgirl first look. While they are … Read more

Scream 5 Spoilers 2022!! The Real Killer In Scream 5 Revealed!!

Scream 5 Spoilers

Though the number of dead counts always goes high in the Scream series, yet certain deaths are more hurtful than others, such as Dewey Riley’s, who had to die in Scream 2022. From the first episode of Scream, Dewey has been a major character, and his murder at the clutches of Ghostface in the fifth … Read more

Sam Raimi Revealed Shocking Updates On Tobey Maguire’s Spiderman 4!!

Tobey Maguire's Spiderman 4

The comeback of Tobey Maguire as the fan-favorite Spider-Man has left the audience craving for Spiderman 4. The audience is so hooked up with Tobey’s character as Spiderman that they have stormed the social media demanding one more venture featuring Tobey Maguire as the Spidy Guy.  With different rumors and tweets on the much-anticipated Tobey … Read more

Saddest Moments in MCU – These Moments Will Make You Cry Loudly!!

Saddest Moments in MCU

The “Marvel Cinematic Universe” encompasses a wide range of emotions. Films like “Thor: Ragnarok” and the “Guardians of the Galaxy” series may make you laugh so hard that you may fall out of your chair. The four Avengers flicks and “Captain America: Civil War” are as dramatic as it gets.  The franchise has also given … Read more

Upcoming MCU Villains Who Will Be More Powerful – Know Who Are Coming In 2022

Upcoming MCU Villain

With Spiderman: No Way Home, one thing that is pretty clear is that till the concept of multiverse flourishes in MCU, we can expect all characters to land, anytime. Everyone loves to see their favorite MCU characters hassling in battles, showcasing their abilities.  However, one factor that makes the MCU movies or series super-entertaining is … Read more