Attention Fans!! Watch Home Team Now: Streaming On Netflix

Home Team is finally out on Netflix. Here is everything you need to know. 

 Home Team
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The home team is out on Netflix. This is exciting news for fans. Netflix streams almost all the shows and has got a lot of support from its fans. Whether you are a fan of Home Team or not, do check out the stream on Netflix now. Don’t delay even a little bit. The home team is out as it was already promised that the premiere would happen on January 28, 2022. 

The show is based on real-life incidents, So you can’t afford to miss the first show. Stream it now on your devices using Netflix. The show focuses on Comedy, Kids, family, and sport. It has a runtime of one hour and thirty-five minutes. The age rating is PG.

About the Show “Home Team”

 Home Team
Credit – IMDb

The show is out and focuses on the story of an NFL coach Sean Payton who hopes to reconnect with his little son. Sean Payton was suspended from the NFL for some unethical code of conduct. He was involved in the Bountygate scandal. The show will show what a good father-son relationship looks like. He coaches his son and his football team. The show is based on pure comedy and emotional connection. 

How to watch Home Team for free online?

You already have all the streaming services in one app, Netflix. Home Team is a Netflix Show. You can sign up on Netflix for a free trial if you don’t wish to purchase the subscription. Don’t go for the pirated version. Your one-stop solution for binge-watching shows. Watch Home Team and many other shows of your interest now on Netflix. 

Home Team
Credit – IMDb

Get personal recommendations for TV shows available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many more. There are many features available on these platforms. Home Team is very new in the market and hence it is not available for free to watch. You can find some other similar shows on the above-mentioned apps that are free. But if you watch the latest shows, get a subscription at the earliest. You can unlock many features by doing this.


Netflix and many other OTT platforms like amazon prime video is streaming “Home Team ”. Don’t forget to watch the show as it is based on the real-life incident of a footballer. Fans are excited about this show as it is a real life depiction. The life of a football coach Sean Payton is shown. He hails from the New Orleans Saints. 

He was involved in a scam. Later he had to face suspension and rejection from the NFL and his family respectively. With the time he was left free, he took up a new job to satisfy his passion for sports. He started coaching his 12 year old son’s Pee Wee team. This one-and-a-half-hour show is entertaining and worth watching.


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