Attack on Titan: Is Zeke Yeager Alive?

Is Zeke Yeager alive? This is one of the burning questions, the Attack on Titan fans are confused about. So, here is everything we know so far.


The fate of Zeke Yeager has been left up in the air several times in the Attack on Titan series. In the last season’s episode 14, we witness him getting dispatched by Levi with exceptional ease. 

Was Zeke truly killed here? Or Zeke Yeager alive? To summarize, Zeke Yeager was not found dead there. It was part of his plot to be overpowered by Levi. 

Zeke Yeager has been missing from Attack on Titan since Eren activated the rumbling. He is not to be found. 

The arrival of the beast titan in Chapter 134 brought relief to anxious followers. However, it was questioned whether Zeke was the one in charge and whether we would see him anytime soon.

Zeke’s fate was sealed by chapter 137. Zeke Yeager has finally succumbed to his arch-nemesis, Levi. But why did he appear at the very end? What led to his death, and why was it so important? Continue reading to learn more!

Is Zeke Yeager Alive? 

 Is Zeke Yeager Alive

The alliance came upon the Beast Titan as they got closer to Eren’s foundation titan. Levi marches in, ready to take revenge on Erwin. However, it turned out to be empty—there was no Zeke inside!

This sparked a lot of concerns about how the Beast Titan materialized without its shifter and how the rumbling continues. The Beast Titan turned out to be one of the many titans that sprang from Eren’s amazing titan body. It was one of the numerous clever giants deployed to defend Eren’s nape, as Pieck observes in the next chapter.

And once again, the plot managed to terrify us into thinking is Zeke Yeager alive? But where was he at the time? Zeke was building a sandcastle in the walkways.

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Attack On Titan: The Paths of Zeke Yeager 

 Is Zeke Yeager Alive
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After waking up in the trails, Armin meets Zeke with his awareness divorced from his body.

There, Zeke and Armin discussed the meaning of life. 

Though steadfast in his belief that the goal of life is to reproduce, Armin’s narrative about how even the tiniest experiences with the people you love identify you as a living person moved him. Zeke Yeager realized that life is so much more than his negative view had suggested.

It’s crucial to remember that Zeke was used against his will by Eren. After that, it entirely crushed his intention, and he gave up on even halting Eren. 

We all assumed that Zeke’s utility as one with the titans would be limited, with Eren becoming the most powerful titan of all, akin to Ymir Fritz’s progenitor titan.

The Aftereffects Of Zeke Yeager’s Death

 Is Zeke Yeager Alive

Zeke’s death occurs just as he is beginning to appreciate the life he has been given. Like Erwin and Ymir from the 104th Corps, Zeke got his epiphany before his death. You feel sad for him because he was so close to turning a new leaf in his thinking, but his fingers could never fully grip the pages in time.

Zeke Yeager, like Eren, comprehends the gravity of the killings he committed. This casts fresh light on Zeke, who had previously come across as a mass murderer who didn’t seem to be murdering so many people in Paradis for a good reason.

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