Fans Have A Huge Crush On This Attack On Titan Character!! 

Fans have a massive crush on this Attack on Titan character… Do you know the name? Guesses, please? Why don’t we only tell you about it?

Everyone knows how the “Attack on Titan” fan base has been going gaga about the characters. 

Don’t you think the darker the series gets, it’s more interesting it is— oh, but the series is known for its vicious violence and political conspiracies. 

Aren’t there plenty of super-powerful Attack On Titan characters on the hit anime that fans are excited to make them their imaginary waifu or husbands? Well, it looks so.

Attack on Titan Season 4 looks promising!! 

Attack On Titan Character
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Adapted from the manga of the same name by Hajime Isayama, Attack on Titan has been a staple series for all the craziest anime fans. 

Trust us, what started out as a deadly but straightforward story about Man v/s Titan, the series with the passage of time, has changed over the years to something impossibly scary, shady, and darker for the characters we all know and love 

From Titan killing fan favorite Levi Ackerman to the deadly stoic Annie Leonheart and even the hesitant queen Historia Reiss, the fanbase is never at a loss for such powerful characters.

Moreover, these days fans are curiously eyeing and loving one new competitor who’s just loved by all: any guesses? Or should we say the name?

Attack on Titan Character, Hitch is the new love of the viewers 

Anime fans are just crushing over him (oh, even you love Akeno Watanabe and Britney Karbowski in Season 4?). Well, viewers, please check Twitter updates on this famous Attack on Titan character, Hitch, at your own risk. The gossip and talks are just getting exciting day by day.

“So now one’s gonna talk about how hot Hitch is in Season 4?”

Attack On Titan Character
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Oh, people, yes, such sassy comments about this new character were just not unexpected. 

Fans also said she looks more mature compared to her previous seasons. This background character has gained all the attention these days on social media.

This famous oh-so-loved Attack on Titan Character first appeared in Season 1 and then later in Season 3

Attack On Titan Character
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Let us tell you; some fans have been crushing and obsessing over her since season 1; she’s the recent favorite of many fans for obvious reasons. 

If asked for more thoughts of the fanbase, we are sure the internet would flood around with their statements. Some also say they would love and wish to see that Hitch and Annie might become more than friends someday. (OMG, you mean Lovers!)

Ending up

Moreover, let’s agree the looks of this famous Attack on Titan Character Hitch were very different previously and now. Maybe that’s why fans can make a clear difference. 

It looks like the fans are loving it. Hitch’s character has changed and progressed till now. Stay tuned for such hot updates because we can’t disappoint our lovely viewers!

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