As Dusk Falls Release Date,  Trailer & Gameplay: Here Is All We Know

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Summer Game Fest 2022 set itself apart from previous events by focusing on updates on previously announced titles rather than world premieres. 

Although there were plenty of new announcements, such as news of an impending remake of “The Last of Us Part 1” and an all-new “Minecraft” game, the event’s heart gave extra specifics for titles already in development. We have some new announcements for you gamers. 

Leaks of As Dusk Falls is looming on the Internet and here we are with some latest updates… 

As Dusk Falls Official Announcement!! 

As Dusk Falls Release Date
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As Dusk Falls is almost ready to be played after eight years of hard work. This was first revealed in July 2020 and would be the first release from indie studio INTERIOR/NIGHT. “Our games target large audiences who seek emotional connection and self-discovery,” the firm said, aiming to combine the magic of cinema and gaming. “As Dusk Falls” looks promising for those seeking a touching, thought-provoking, and unique experience.

As Dusk Falls Release Date

During the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022, an update announced the official debut date for As Dusk Falls. The game will launch On July 19, 2022.

This is a rapid turnaround, given that the Summer Game Fest stream occurred on June 12, 2022. Even though INTERIOR/NIGHT and Xbox Game Studios initially presented the tile in July 2020, a broader audience has seen As Dusk Falls. Those who were already anticipating it felt a renewed sense of urgency.

As Dusk Falls Trailer

There was an announcement of two trailers for 2020 for As Dusk Falls, ” and the launch date reveals a trailer from the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022.

The trailer begins with a mother, father, and small girl in a red automobile narrating their journey to a new life, with a shot of the Desert Dream Motel in the background. This summer was a turning point, says a kid in the rear of a pickup truck with his family and a sack of money. 

After a rapid transition to a heist scene in which the blue car’s family robs the red car’s family, the youngster speaks of long-buried dark truths.

Similar themes are explored in the launch date reveal trailer. The narrative is complemented by gaming footage and voiceover from various persons, starting with a Two Rock County, Arizona sign. 

We see the boy’s family storing cash in a safe outside the Desert Dream Hotel while we identify the girl and her companion as captives by the cops. The girl’s family is involved in a car crash outside the hotel, while we see the boy’s family fleeing—a scene of a grown-up kid frantically the following someone down the street.

The teaser finishes with what appears to be a telling chronology of gameplay stills, with the slogan “Every family has secrets, and every secret has a price” overlaid on top of the cryptic image.

As Dusk Falls Gameplay Sneak Peek 

As Dusk Falls Release Date
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Through Xbox Wire, the official game site, and the studio’s Regarding page, the developers at INTERIOR/NIGHT have revealed several details about the gameplay of As Dusk Falls. The interactive play takes place over 30 years, beginning in 1998. 

The story revolves around two families — the Walkers in the red car and the Holts in the blue car, as shown in the trailers – as they traverse crime, secrets, adventure, and mayhem.

Zoe Walker and Jay Holt, the boy and girl from the trailers, and Zoe’s father, Vince Walker, are the three significant characters highlighted on the game’s website. 

The plot will be influenced by the player’s choices, resulting in a dynamic, developing story. A party of up to eight players can play As Dusk Falls online or locally. The plot of As Dusk Falls seems like a cinematic and graphic novel.


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