Fans Want These Actors To Return In American Horror Stories Season 11 Cast

Who is returning in the new season of American Horror Stories? Here is the complete American Horror Stories Season 11 cast list. 

Who doesn’t love horror movies? Well, there are 2 types of people in the world. One who just loves watching horror movies and the second one who is scared of diving into the world of terror. So which category do you fall into?

American Horror Stories Is Returning With A Boom!! 

American Horror Stories Season 11 cast

American Horror Stories is a horror show series created by Ryan Murphy first shown on FX in 2011. 

What is the best part of the series? Each season revolves around different twists, chills, and thrills. 

Everyone knows it’s after a decade, American Horror Story would be giving a bombastic comeback. Well, did you love watching Season 10 whose shooting was done at sea and another half at the desert—Double Feature Season was ultimately a hit, agreed?

One of the features we love about this show is its cast is always playing different characters from season to season. Till now the fans have been always guessing whether this time which cast member would be swirling up. So, who will be in the American Horror Stories season 11 cast? Here is all we know. 

American Horror Stories Season 11 Cast Revealed!! 

Jessica Lange—Please come back

American Horror Stories Season 11 cast
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No one can replace Jessica Lange, that’s for sure. The lady is loved by millions of people and they can’t wait to see her in the American Horror Stories Season 11 cast.

Every time the AHS season is released, it’s assumed Jessica would be there. Her performances have been outstanding, which also ended up her winning a SAG Award, a Golden Globe, and two Emmys for her impeccable work!

Evan Peter—We are waiting for you

American Horror Stories Season 11 cast
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Undoubtedly, Evan Peter is the godfather of the series. Fans want to see him in the American Horror Story Season 11 cast. Fans are just so elated and curious to see him back. They say, “ He is the Father of The Series, though!”

Kathy Bates—AHS is incomplete without you

American Horror Stories Season 11 cast
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She was first seen in AHS Season 3 and was seen in other seasons, too. Her acting is outstanding and fans just can’t wait to have her back again. 

Who remembers The New Orleans socialite and the daddy killer Madame Delphine LaLaurie?

Sarah Paulson—Are you hearing? We want to see you again!

American Horror Stories Season 11 cast
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Sarah was loved by all the fans. The Emmy-winning actress is already the star of the show. 

Of all the OHS standards, Paulson has appeared in all but one season of the series. The characters she has played are most remembered and beloved by everyone!

Wrapping up

Grab on your seats, and get your popcorn, no wonder we get to see their amazing work in the next season, though!

If these legends aren’t cast, it would be a serious disappointment for the AHS fans. Please, we just can’t wait to watch them in the upcoming American Horror Story Season 11 Cast!! 

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