American Horror Stories Episode 2 Cast Revealed: Everything We Know About It!

Are you an American Horror Stories fan? Do you want to know the American Horror Stories episode 2 cast? Then, you are at the right place. 

Here we will reveal all about  American Horror Stories episode 2 cast and the  characters played by them. The show will be back with stars such as Max and Sidibe. 

American Horror Stories Episode 2 Cast

American Horror Stories Episode 2 Cast
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As per some sources, we are sure the cast will have some familiar faces as earlier. We may get to see a lot in the coming episodes. 

American Horror Stories episode 2 cast has great compelling characters. The core characters of the cast were already revealed earlier. We will get to see old faces blended with new characters this time. 

American Horror Stories episode 2 will have the following cast members such as Max greenfield, Gabourey Sibide, Vice yap, and Joel Swatow. 

The upcoming episode is called “Aura”. The fans can see brand new episodes of the series on Hulu.  

What’s so special about the cast? 

American Horror Stories Episode 2 Cast
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We have seen Greenfield and Gabourey previously in the trailer. They have already played roles in the past for the flagship episodes. 

Sidibe is referred to as a human version of a voodoo doll. She is portraying the role of a witch. She possesses the ability to harm people by harming herself. Greenfield appeared in many other flagship series too. 

Along with them, Swetow had played roles in numerous projects too. Yap and Rorhen are newcomers in the American horror stories episode 2 cast. 

The show is extremely intense, trying to deliver its world-class performance, and fans can’t contain their excitement. With increased consistency and quality, fans will have much to see in this new season. 

A glimpse of the stories and plots

American Horror Stories Episode 2 Cast

This season of the series is linked with the return of Queenie. She will be the center of attraction this time. One such possibility of plot assumption revolves around that Gabrielle and Queenie will be the guests hosted by hotel haunted Cortez. Queenie will save herself from death by some scam. 

At the same time, Greenfield’s character will die outside the hotel building. Aura is all set to make a new entry in this episode. We are unsure whether this season will appear to be the continued tradition or show some profound theories. 

The conclusion

The American Horror Stories episode 2 cast has returned with a bang. We will have a lot to see in the upcoming episodes. New theories full of excitement and suspense will make their way to our streaming platforms. 

Hopefully, it will be enthralling to see the characters and their portrayal. This will narrate a. Different kinds of stories related to horror in each episode. With the arrival of stars like Sidibe and Greenfield, let’s see what the series holds for us. 

Stay tuned for more interesting news and upcoming updates regarding American Horror Stories. 

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