Amber Heard Makes Shocking Claims Against Johnny Depp! The Pirate Of Caribbean Star In Trouble!! 

Amber Heard testified for the first time in the dramatic libel lawsuit Johnny Depp brought against her on Wednesday, crying. She detailed the first time Depp became aggressive against her.

“I’ll remember it forever.” It altered my life,” Heard told the jury, describing sitting on the sofa with Depp and having a “regular discussion” while Depp was drinking and smoking (Heard subsequently speculated that Depp was also taking cocaine at the time) when she inquired about the tattoo on his arm. Depp said that it meant “wino.”

After filming ‘The Rum Diary,’ Heard recalls ‘falling in love with Depp and begins his story

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The actress opened her evidence by reminiscing about her childhood and early days in Hollywood, recalling meeting Depp on the set of 2011’s “The Rum Diary” and how their friendship evolved from coworkers to friends to ultimately intimate partners after production ended.

After filming, the two had “no communication” for a period. Heard claims Depp contacted her and asked her to visit his California home, but they didn’t see each other until the film’s press tour later. 

Heard said they started “falling in love” at that point but kept it quiet due to his breakup with ex Vanessa Paradis.

Amber Heard made shocking claims against Johnny Depp 

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Heard also recalled a moment when she said Johnny Depp sexually abused her as he aggressively did a “cavity search” on her during her evidence on Wednesday.

She said that in May 2013, the two of them and several others went to the Hicksville Trailer Palace in Joshua Tree, California, for a relaxing night in the desert. They took psychoactive mushrooms, and Depp was enraged when he witnessed another lady acting flirtatiously with Heard.

According to witnesses, she and Depp allegedly proceeded through one of the trailers, which he swiftly wrecked. She claims he then suspected her of concealing his narcotics, ripped her clothes, and began patting her down. “He said, ‘We’re going to undertake a cavity search,'” I responded “through tears, she stated, “All he did was stick his fingers into me.” “I did nothing but stand there staring at the lights.”

According to Heard, Johnny Depp’s violent outbursts were frequently driven by jealousy and drug or alcohol abuse.

“Johnny on speed is not the same as Johnny on opiates.” Johnny on opiates is extremely different from Adderall and cocaine Johnny, who is quite different from Johnny on quaaludes. Still, I had to train myself to see the differences.” Heard revealed. 

Amber Heard’s request to dismiss is denied, and further information about her prior trial is revealed

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Last Monday, Johnny Depp finished his evidence, telling the jury that he would frequently depart from confrontations with Heard to prevent escalation.

Depp remarked, “I would excuse myself from the scenario.” “I’d attempt to flee before things got out of hand because if given a chance, Ms Heard would take things to the extreme, which would result in my finger being hacked off.”

After a court denied Amber Heard’s plea to dismiss the lawsuit on Tuesday, psychologist Dawn Hughes testified that Heard had post-traumatic stress disorder resulting from Johnny Depp’s aggression, which included repeated instances of sexual assault. 

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