90-Day Fiancé: Corey and Evelin Are Expecting A Baby?

Corey and Evelin appeared in the reality show 90-Day Fiancé, which was telecasted on TLC. Eveline is from Engabao, Ecuador, and Corey is from Washington. 

In June 2019, the couple exchanged vows. The couple ran into each other at the beach in Ecuador, and Corey fell madly in love with Evelin. And despite having trust issues and communication issues, they are working hard on their marriage and trying to make it successful. 

Additionally, Corey wishes to have children. 90-days Fiancé, Elvin, and his husband Corey are all set to begin their new project. Corey wishes to open a Bed & Breakfast in Ecuador.

Corey & Evelin Are Expecting A Baby!! 

90-Day Fiancé
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Corey recently conducted a Q&A on Instagram and was asked by a fan if he wanted to be a father, to which he replied, “One day for sure.” 

On the other hand, he also displayed a picture of Evelin alongside a husky and a cat, from which we may infer that they appear happy with them at the present.

Fans are eager to find out whether Corey and Evelin’s ideas match or not. Whether Evelin is comfortable with having babies or not. She feels that a woman’s body is hers to do with as she pleases. Fans are concerned about what may happen if their decisions clash. 

Both of them already have incredibly huge plans for their businesses. The couple used to own a cocktail bar, but the Engabo Communal Council ruined their bar. Following that, the pair worked tirelessly to open another restaurant in a different area. 

On the show, Evelin shared some amazing photos of their beachside restaurant and invited fans to come to the restaurant.

What is their next big project?

90-Day Fiancé
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Corey shared his future plans with his fans during the Q&A session. During the session, he received a request from one of his fans to open a Bed & Breakfast in Ecuador for his international fans. Corey replies that this is their next project. 

They genuinely intend to start a Bed & Breakfast, and work on the building will start next month.

As we all know, Corey has already made a real estate investment in Ecuador. 

As a result, seeking new places for their firm would be simple for him. With Evelin’s hospitality skills, they have a better chance of developing a successful business. 

To run their new business, Corey and Evelin won’t even need to spend a huge amount of money on advertising their new business online because fans are already interested in visiting Engabo, Ecuador for this sweet couple.

90-Day Fiancé
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Corey misses his American family, but he is also enjoying his best time with Evelin. This is why Corey has married Evelin and is raising a family together. Although the couple wasn’t initially a fan favorite, they have now become one of the happier stories to come out of the show, and fans are quite happy with them.

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