7 Little Johnston Liz Teases Her Dream Home With Brice Bolden 

7 Little Johnston Liz, as well as Brice, have been open about their plans to get married in the shortest time possible. They are now making the necessary steps to get it done.  

Little Johnstons star Elizabeth Johnston isn’t giving up on her dream to own her own home and be a part of the family alongside Brice Bolden. 

She is the daughter of Amber and Trent Johnston and has been on the hunt for her dream home since she declared her interest in making the move. 

Even though she isn’t getting the green signal for her parents, Liz insists she and Brice will be moving in together. Things are getting much more serious between Elizabeth Johnston and Brice Bolden. 

The couple has been together for the past three years and is anticipating taking their love affair to the next step soon. So, here is what 7 Little Johnston Liz revealed about her dream house. 

7 Little Johnston Liz Stuns The Fans Revealing Her Dream Home!! 

7 Little Johnston Liz
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It currently appears that Elizabeth Johnston and Brice Bolden reside in the same residence. In a question and answer session, Liz confirmed that she and Brice Bolden have yet to settle in.

However, Elizabeth and Brice are determined to achieve their dream. It appears that the 7 Little Johnstons family is in the process of house hunting. 

7 Little Johnston Liz
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Liz shared in a different post she’s looking for her dream home. The TLC actress even detailed her dream home that she plans to share with Brice. 

Elizabeth has revealed that she prefers to purchase a home on the land, which is likely to be like their house in Georgia. She is the 7 Little Johnstons actress who is likely to opt for neutral hues for decorating and painting.

Seven Little Johnston Liz Teases Her Future!! 

7 Little Johnston Liz
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7 Little Johnston Liz shares future plans with Brice Even though they cannot be able to move in at this time, Liz and Brice are trying hard to do it as soon as they can. 

Both are working and saving to fund the future. Elizabeth Johnston noted that she and Brice Bolden are “so willing” to be together; she added the fact that “all things happen with great timing.”

At this point, it shouldn’t be unsurprising that 7 Little Johnston Liz and Brice are planning to announce an engagement in the near future.

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