5 Super Confusing Things About The Vampire Diaries 

One of the most rated series, The Vampire Diaries is in the thoughts and comments of the audience. 

The storyline and characters have always kept the attention of the viewers. The Story of Elena Gilbert and the Salvatore Brothers is one of the most amazing love stories of all time. 

However, some viewers have different beliefs about it. The belief that the story, which has proved to be quite magnificent, also has some bewilderment, and the Redditors are discussing all it. 

As the series finale of “Legacies” is in motion, the timing is quite perfect to rewatch both the spin-off series and The Vampire Diaries. 

The tale of Elina Gilbert falling for the vampire brothers Stefan and Damon Salvatore, slowly becoming the vampire from its human form and learning about the Mystic Falls is pleasurable and captivating, although has become quite confusing. 

Though the series has been interesting and captivating, there have been a bunch of super confusing moments in the Vampire Diaries. So, Sassyshows is here with the top 5. 

Super Confusing Moments In The Vampire Diaries

Fans have been feeling for quite some time that the show has started to create a lot of mixing of characters. They have been feeling since the beginning of the last few seasons as too many storylines started occurring together. So, here are some super confusing moments. 

Vampire Diaries 
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Blunder of Cure:

The biggest skepticism started with the cure. The cure is one of the most concerning parts of the series. It is a part where a vampire turns himself into the human form again.  

Gradually, the characters will have this in their mind. One Redditor posted that to cure Silas needed to drain all of Katherine’s blood while in the case of Stefan, a syringe of Elena’s blood was enough to cure him.

Different Symptoms of Vampire:

Another concern that was discussed by the fans was when humans turned into vampires, they were supposed to feel strong, feel different, and feel more powerful. Yet in the case of Elena, she started thinking about the Salvatore brothers in a different way. 

Vampire Diaries 

Composition of multiple characters:

Season 7 is considered to be the queerest one as too many characters are already involved, and it is becoming difficult for the horde to keep up. The comments have been passing on that the author of the Vampire Diaries should have stuck on to one theme rather than combining multiple into one. 

Muddled Caroline and Alaric:

The pair of Caroline and Alaric are nurturing twins, and then Caroline gets kidnapped. Then she tries to find Klaus, which makes the audience wonder. Also, a tangled storyline involving The Huntress doesn’t make sense.  


The Vampire Diaries, though the complication has been experienced in multiple places, is still loved by fans very much. Horde still has many expectations with the show and the Vampire Diaries team is making sure that it can live up to the crowd’s expectations.

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