5 Shocking Rules Dragon Ball Super Angels Must Follow! We Bet You Don’t Know These Facts

When it comes to the most powerful entities in Dragon Ball Universe, we simply can’t keep Dragon Ball Super Angels out of the scene. They are one of the most respectful as well as powerful celestial beings in the franchise. 

Although we have never really seen them showcasing their true abilities, Dragon Ball has always embraced the Angels as the strongest entities. While Whis has turned out to be one of the fan-favorite Dragon Ball Super Angels, we know every universe has one Angel accompanying the God of Destruction. 

Dragon Ball Super Angels
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However, right from the start of the Dragon Ball Super series when Angels were introduced the race has maintained to be a mystery for the viewers. Though this has kept a hype among the fans, they are often eager to know more about the Dragon Ball Super Angels. 

If you are a Dragon Ball fan, we hope you know that the Angels are really strong. Even stronger than your favorite characters like Goku and Vegeta. But what bars them from unleashing their potential or passing a glimpse of their powers? Well, being Angel, they need to follow a set of strange rules which adds an interesting shade to their character. 

So, today, Sassyshows is here with the list of top 5 rules the Dragon Ball Super Angels must follow. 

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5 Shocking Rules Dragon Ball Super Angels Must Follow 

1. An Angel Must Always Accompany A God Of Destruction 

Dragon Ball Super Angels
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It’s like a one-on-one free offer! With every God of Destruction comes one Angel. Every Universe has its own God of Destruction and an Angel, who acts as a mentor and attendant to the God. 

Dragon Ball Super Angels are born masters in Ultra Instinct and martial arts. Just after their creation, they are assigned to a God of Destruction with the job to assist and guide them in making crucial decisions. 

2. Angels Cannot Fight Mortals Outside Of Training 

Dragon Ball Super Angels
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Angels have a lot of restrictions and there are a bunch of rules they must follow. However, this one may be the strictest rule. The series has stated multiple times that Angels cannot indulge in fights with mortals, rather than training. In case they do so, they will be erased. 

3. The Angels Cannot Choose One Side 

Dragon Ball Super Angels
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Angels are mighty entities. Therefore, in case of a clash between good and bad, they cannot choose one side. They have to stay neutral no matter whatever they witness. That is why we find the Angels as the calmest entities in the Dragon Ball franchise. 

4. They Cannot Seek For Help 

Dragon Ball Super Angels
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As stated earlier, Angels must remain neutral in case of any dispute. So, in case of the destruction of any universe, they can’t show favoritism and seek aid to help the universe. However, they can use their own abilities to counter the attacks or save the universe. 

5. The Angels Can Exercise Their Powers Using Their Angel Attendant’s Staff 

Dragon Ball Super Angels
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The Angel Attendant’s Staff is one of the most powerful weapons of Dragon Ball Super Angels. Apart from their main abilities i.e. Ultra Instinct and martial arts, they can also use their Angel Attendant’s Staff to perform world-changing tasks. In Dragon Ball Super, we have seen Whis rewinding time using his Angel Attendant’s Staff.

So, what do you think will we get a chance to see the true powers of Dragon Ball Super Angels in the future? Let us know in the comment box. 

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