Top 5 Memorable Beth And Rip Moments In Yellowstone That Will Make You Swoon

Since the day they met, Beth and Rip have been soulmates. They are both rough and hard-headed, and they both have the ability for violence, yet they provide a haven for calm, serenity, and love, something she does not have with anybody else on the program. 

We see them with all of the other characters, but when they’re together, they bring out a whole other side of each other. 

It offers Beth some healing and a place to rest and lay down her weapons. Rip loves her unconditionally, and she’s starting to feel at ease in that environment. 

It’s so sweet to see these shattered individuals find solace in one other.”

If you are also a die-hard fan of Beth and Rip’s incredible chemistry in Yellowstone, this article is for you. 

Sassyshows is here with the top 5 super memorable moments between Beth and Rip in Yellowstone. 

Top 5 Memorable Moments Between Beth And Rip In Yellowstone!! 

The “almost like a music festival” bar

Beth And Rip
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Beth and Rip are going on another date, this time to a wild honky-tonk. She jokes that the pub is “almost like a music festival” as he approaches her with a glass of whiskey, referring to his first date plan. 

They then proceed to dance among the cowboys in front of the neon lights, and it’s somehow perfect.

Under the Montana stars, sipping whisky

Beth And Rip

There’s nothing quite like the scenes in which Rip and Beth manage to sneak away together throughout the series.

Rip joins Beth on the top of John Dutton’s house to drink whiskey after a particularly bad confrontation with her brother Jamie (Wes Bentley) in season two. 

“I’ll sip whiskey and look at the stars with you, Rip,” she says when he says he thought she was off the booze.

In return, he simply looks at her gently, and she understands he’s trying to tell her that he loves her.

Beth comes to a halt and instructs him to inform her “when it saves me.” He certainly delivers on that.

Rip is the one who saves Beth’s life

Beth And Rip
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Beth has gone through more than one trauma, but in the second season, she is brutally attacked in her office by two masked shooters. 

Just as they start severely assaulting her and her helper, Jason, she manages to send a text to Rip stating “office assistance.” 

The initial kiss

Since their first kiss as youngsters, Beth and Rip have gone a long way. Young Beth (Kylie Rogers) approaches young Rip in a flashback scene in the episode “Touching the Enemy” and insists that he kiss her. 

He admits he doesn’t know how, and she responds, “Neither do I.” He then kisses her, and their love tale is now underway.

Including Carter as a member of their family

Beth And Rip
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When Beth comes up with a lost youngster in season four, it was an unexpected twist.

Carter has recently become an orphan, and she’s visiting her father in the hospital while he recovers from his violent attack in the season three finale. Beth notices something special in the teenager and encourages him to return to the property. 

Their relationship has its ups and downs, and while she makes it clear that she is not Carter’s biological mother, she still serves as a maternal figure for him, giving him a second opportunity.

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