5 Marvel Characters Ripped Off From The DC Comics!! We Bet This List Will Shock You!! 

Marvel Characters

When it comes to top franchises which have lifted the superhero game to a new level, Marvel and DC stand out as the two pillars. While both the franchises have a bunch of super-popular characters who have simply hypnotized the fans, in several instances we have seen them blatantly ripping off each other. 

If you are a comic addict, you know that there are a bunch of characters DC has copied from Marvel comics. However, the reverse also stands true. There are some super-popular Marvel characters that are copied from the DC comics. But, the main difference that helps Marvel escape the criticism is every time DC has copied any character from Marvel it has failed to deliver that ever-green impact on the audience. 

On the other hand, though there are a few Marvel characters that are copied from DCU, these characters have managed to strike a chord with the viewers. We know Marvel creators are magicians; they have polished these copied or inspired characters to deliver quality superheroes to the fans. 

Marvel Vs Dc
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But, which Marvel characters are replicas of characters from DC comics? Well, frankly speaking, the list is long. While both the comic book goliaths share ideas, there are a lot of similarities between DC and Marvel characters. So, Sassyshows is here with the list of top 5 Marvel characters which are copied from DC comics. 

Marvel Vs DC: 5 Marvel Characters Which Are Copied From DC Comics

  • Mr. Fantastic Replicates Elongated Man

Mr. Fantastic Replicates Elongated Man
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Yes, Mr. Fantastic, one of the most promising Marvel characters who made a special appearance in Doctor Strange 2 is copied. If you are a diehard fan of DC comics, you must be familiar with the Elongated Man, which was first introduced in 1960. 

Marvel replicated the character of the Elongated Man to create Mr. Fantastic, who was first introduced in The Fantastic Four #1 comic which dropped in 1961. Both the characters possess the ability to stretch their bodies like rubber bands.

  • Deadpool Is Copied From Deathstroke 

Marvel Characters
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While the Marvel comics have always tried to maintain a delightful tone blending all the aspects of entertainment, DC comics have always embraced a more serious and dark shade. Under the darkness of DC comics, the franchise introduced the best assassin in the world, Deathstroke aka Slade Wilson. 

While the DC comics version of Deathstroke is one of the deadliest and most serious characters, Marvel created a better copy named Deadpool. This Marvel character was born in 1961 and it was solely created to mock Deathstroke’s lackings. However, ultimately Deadpool turned out to be a fan-favorite Marvel character. 

  • Doctor Strange’s Character Is Inspired By Doctor Fate 

Doctor Strange’s Character Is Inspired By Doctor Fate
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Yes, the man who is juggling with the laws of the multiverse in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is also a copied character. In the comics, Doctor Fate is one of the most powerful DC characters who debuted in 1940. 

Marvel introduced Doctor Stephen Strange in 1963. Though the readers quote Doctor Strange as a copy of DC’s Doctor Fate, there is a slight difference in their backstories. 

While Doctor Fate was an archaeologist who got hands-on his powers by stepping into the tomb of Nabu and training under him, Doctor Strange is a Marvel character, who met a deadly accident and was healed by magic in the Orient. 

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  • Thanos Is Copied From Darkseid 

Thanos Is Copied From Darkseid
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Hands down! The character design of both Thanos and Darkseid looks pretty similar. This is because the Mad Titan, Thanos, is a copy of the deadly DC villain, Darkseid, who was first introduced in 1970. 

While both the villains are insanely powerful and ruthless, there is a key difference that gives Darkseid an upper hand. The DC villain is a fusion of Thanos and Marvel’s Professor X as Darkseid possesses the ability to control minds. But, the Mad Titan only relies on physical strength and powerful devices. 

  • Hulk Replicates DC’s Solomon Grundy 

Hulk Replicates DC’s Solomon Grundy 
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Last but not least on our list is Hulk. When it comes to popularity in the comic world, Hulk stands at the top after Spiderman. He is one of the prime Marvel characters who is admired by the fans. However, Marvel has stolen the concept of a Green tyrant from the DC comics. 

DC was the first to introduce its own Hulk named Solomon Grundy. This DC character was first introduced in 1944, while Hulk debuted in Marvel comics in 1962. 

So, which is your favorite DC or Marvel character? Tell us in the comment box. 

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