Top 5 Characters Who Can Beat Lord Beerus Effortlessly!!  

The god of destruction, Lord Beerus in Dragon Ball Super, has proven himself to be quite the powerhouse. 

Although putatively lazy enough to sleep thousands of times, Beerus has additional than deserved his God of Destruction title by devastating globes and people with slightly any trouble. 

Lord Beerus has naturally caused Dragon Ball suckers, and anime suckers in general, to wonder if there are characters that can help master Beerus. 

Numerous lists have come up with cognomen like Zeno, and others have asked interrogatives about who does not stand a chance. 

This composition will dissect Lord Beerus’ death grips, feats, and capacities and match them against his antagonists to see who would be suitable to beat Beerus without a problem and those that would fail miserably. 

5 Characters Who Can Beat Lord Beerus Easily

 1) Zeno( Dragon Ball Super) 

Lord Beerus
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A list like this cannot startle without the Omni King Zeno being on it. The Omni King hails from Dragon Ball Super and is conceivably the strongest being alive in Dragon Ball. Despite Zeno’s immature presence, say-so, and station, the Omni- King snappily proved why he merited his designation. 

 2) Saitama( One Punch Man) 

Lord Beerus

Saitama is more well known than many good scrimmages in the anime world.

 As far as feats go, Saitama’s Norway was damaged, bumbled to the moon and back without issue, went to FTL pets, and one punch disbelieved a ray able of wiping out the earth’s face. 

In a word, Saitama is the most rigorous being in his macrocosm and would presumably have no trouble outstripping Lord Beerus. 

 3) Anos Voldigoad (The Misfit of the Demon Academy) 

Lord Beerus
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The main character from the anime adaptation of the light novel The Misfit of the Demon Academy is the current reincarnation of the King of ghouls. 

An extremely subjugated person, like our succeeding two entries, Anos has capacities ranging from climactic dears that destroy everything they touch to exploiting materiality and dominion abolition with his voodooism eyes. 

4) Misogi Kumagawa( Medaka Box) 

Lord Beerus
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Though towering academy elderly Misogi Kumagawa of Medaka Box seems like a standard-issue sprat, the outsides are deceiving. 

He was Medaka’s generality challenge, enunciating commodity considering how important she’s there beyond the capability to dissect someone and find and manipulate their sins; Misogi Trump card is a capability called All fabrication. 

5) The Anti-Spiral (Gurren Lagann)  

Lord Beerus
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It’s been said before, but given the diaphanous position of dominion, the collaborative studies of an entire race, given their physical form, were suitable to wobble worlds around as if they were baseballs, and that it took Simon and Team Dai- Gurren going to the tyrannous limit and beyond to master the Anti-Spiral in Gurren Lagann truly? There are many characters in Dragon Ball that would eventually stand a chance. 

Situating Anti-Spiral into expressions is delicate, particularly its death grips and feats. It can alter actuality and the macrocosm itself.

Every blow shatters reality, and every descent, unless gained to the chock-full disappears, it limits space and time to circumnavigate indeed preliminarily unbreakable and unattainable defenses. In short, it would kill Lord Beerus easily.

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