5 Black Anime Characters Female – These Characters Will Win Your Heart With Her Looks

Which are the most adorable black anime characters female? Here is the complete list –

For most anime fans their female crushes often possess a fair skin tone. While the anime world is dominated by beautiful-looking fair-skinned anime girls, many super gorgeous black anime characters females have made their way to the hearts of anime lovers. 

black anime characters female

So, today Sassyshows is here with the list of top 5 super hot black anime characters female. Therefore, without any further ado, let’s jump into the list – 

Black Anime Characters Female

#5 Michiko Milandro – Michiko to Hatchin 

black anime characters female
Credit – Twitter

Michiko is a black-skinned, tall, and adorable female anime character. She has incredibly hot physical attributes which she loves to flaunt. However, she has a bit wild and abusive nature. 

#4 Coffee – Cowboy Bebop 

Coffee Cowboy Bebop
Credit – Twitter

Though Coffee gets small screentime in Cowboy Bebop, she won many hearts with her insane looks. With an aesthetic and adorable look, she left a statement. While fans also liked her mannerism. 

#3 Miyuki Ayukawa – Basquash! 

black anime characters female
Credit – Pinterest.com

Miyuki is one of the adorable black anime characters female who is the definition of beauty with brains. She is the most lovable character from Basquash!, as she is the Black engineer of the show. 

#2 Ymir – Attack On Titan 

black anime characters female
Credit – Combicbook.com

Ymir is one of the most intelligent characters from Attack on Titan. She is a Jaw Titan. Ymir is incredibly beautiful as she ties her brown hair to make a ponytail and her golden eyes make her more beautiful. She is one of the most caring characters in the show. 

#1 Heles – Dragon Ball Z 

black anime characters female
Credit – Dragonballfandom

Gods of Destruction are the most powerful and deadly characters of the Dragon Ball franchise. However, Heles, a God of Destruction is one of the most gorgeous black anime characters female. She resembles the look of the Egyptian gods wearing Egyptian-style clothes. 

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