365 Days This Day Release Date, Cast, Trailer & More – Here Are The Latest Updates

When is 365 days This Day coming out? Here is everything we know. 

365 Days This Day Release Date 

On April 7, Netflix posted some early details regarding “365 Days: This Day” on their official blog, including photographs, story elements, and remarks from some of the cast and crew. 

For the first time, Netflix gave the film release date in their blog post. Fans of the first film won’t have to wait long: “365 Days: This Day” will be available on Netflix on April 27.

Who is in the cast of 365 Days: This Day?

Massimo Torricelli and Laura Biel, unusual lovers, are at the center of the first “365 Days.” As a result, Netflix has confirmed that Anna-Maria Sieklucka and Michele Morrone will reprise their roles as the lead pair in the series. 

365 Days This Day Release Date 
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Magdalena Lamparska reprises her role as Laura’s best friend Olga, and Otar Saralidze reprises his role as Massimo’s mob lieutenant Domenico.

Is a trailer for 365 Days: This Day available?

In addition to the first trailer for “365 Days: This Day,” which was released weeks before the film’s release, Netflix also released a full-length video, which is now available on its YouTube account.

Laura approaches Massimo in lingerie at the start of the clip, and the two engage in what could be considered verbal foreplay as they each assert supremacy over the other. 

365 Days This Day Release Date
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Following that comes a series of scenes in which the film’s leads wear pricey costumes in gorgeous settings, all while hinting at some sort of mafia intrigue that will undoubtedly disrupt Massimo’s relationship with Laura. 

Despite the fact that she is unaware of some aspects of his true identity, Laura appears to be developing a relationship with mysterious newcomer Nacho. 

Meanwhile, Massimo looks to be hiding a major secret that could jeopardise his relationship. When “365 Days: This Day” premieres on Netflix, on April 27. Viewers will be able to see the next chapter in Laura and Massimo’s story.

Now, that you know 365 days This Day release date, make sure to clear your schedules on April 27.

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