Tim McGraw Won’t Miss This Big Thing About His 1883 Character!! 

Who doesn’t know Tim McGraw now? After Yellowstone’s latest spinoff’s wild success, Tim has become famous for his 1883 character. 

Tim McGraw is known for his musical accomplishments and any Hollywood endeavors he’s made over the years. Though he may have starred in other movies, it all started in 2010 with “Friday Night Lights.” 

McGraw then went on to star alongside Sandra Bullock and Quinton Aaron in “The Blind Side” and received a much more anticipated leading role in the Paramount series “Yellowstone,” both of which are now available to stream.

This article is about Tim McGraw’s 1883 character. There are a lot of things he misses about the character, but there is this one thing that he won’t forget. Read further to know about it.

About Tim’s 1883 Character

In the film “1883,” McGraw plays James Dutton – great-grandfather to Kevin Costner’s John Dutton in the series “Yellowstone” – who leads a wagon train across the Wild West in search of what it promises to be a better life. 

McGraw rode so much to stay on top of his game and put together many different sets. It required daily re-building of outdoor groups made from wood, glass, and brick. At one point, temperatures reached an all-time high of 120 degrees Fahrenheit, impacting you when doing horseback scenes or wearing so much clothing.

1883 Character
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But there was one thing in particular that McGraw could have lived without during the filming of “Yellowstone.” 

He revealed it during a recent roundtable interview with Netflix at the U.K. launch of Paramount — where both Netflix and Paramount content is now available to stream, and great shows like “Yellowstone” can be enjoyed by television lovers worldwide.

When 1883 Character Tim was asked about that one thing he could live without during the filming:

Now is the time to move forward after a great run. Tim McGraw is saying goodbye to his iconic role as the 1883 character. 

In a recent interview, McGraw opened up about what he won’t miss about the position.

“I won’t miss the beard,” Tim McGraw exclaimed about his time spent in “1883” when we interviewed him at the premiere of “Tumbleweed” earlier. 

1883 Character

 “That was the first thing I got rid of, the beard,” he said jokingly about his short, clean-shaven look in typical old Western garb while speaking to the team earlier this year at the premiere of “Tumbleweed.” “It got pretty taxing to me toward the end, especially when it started getting longer and longer.”

However, there are also things McGraw will miss. “I’m going to miss the people,” he said. 

For over a decade, I’ve been fortunate to work with some great people and be part of an incredible team. I’m also going to miss the fans. The 1883 fandom is fantastic, and I have enjoyed interacting with them over the years.”

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Tim McGraw certainly has a lot to say about his time on the sets of 1883. In one of his interviews before leaving the show, he shared the thoughts he knew, the one he is going to, and the future. 

Tim McGraw shared his thoughts about the show and his time as an 1883 character on it. Despite his constant battles for his music and family, the 1883 character does not miss it. 

As for the game-playing and lies in the show, the actor says he misses not having to work so hard. We hope you enjoyed reading this post!


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