Big Update On Man Of Steel 2 Development Out!!

Man Of Steel 2

As co-CEOs of DC Studios, James Gunn and Peter Safran strive to create a new slate of interconnected DCU movies, TV shows, and video games for Warner Bros., the “DCEU” as we know it is changing.  Not everyone will like the significant changes that will come about. The decision that has stirred up the most … Read more

Don’t Dare To Miss These New Anime On Netflix

New Anime On

The past few years have been excellent for anime lovers everywhere, with several new shows deserving of their time in the spotlight and established shows continuing to be highly popular. No matter the genre you choose, there is no lack of anime due to the abundance of alternatives. Despite this, there is still a tonne … Read more

Who Is Timothy Reynolds On Yellowstone? Why The Show Paid Him A Tribute? 

Who Is Timothy Reynolds On Yellowstone

Watch ‘Em Ride Away, the fifth episode of Yellowstone season 5, which debuted on Sunday, December 4, on Paramount Network and you will be stuck on a question – who is Timothy Reynolds on Yellowstone?  The Dutton family was followed during “branding season,” when the cattle in the family’s herd needed to be marked. John … Read more

Celine Dion Health Update – Everything We Know About Stiff-Person Syndrome 

Celine Dion Health

Popular star, Celine Dion has even been diagnosed with an incurable health condition. She has postponed her tour due to this health issue. If you are a Celine Dion fan, craving to know what happened to your favorite star, this article is for you. Here is the complete Celine Dion health update.  Celine Dion Diagnosed … Read more

Who dies in The White Lotus Season 2?

Who Dies In The White Lotus Season 2

A new murder mystery kicked off The White Lotus’ second season. The premiere of the Emmy-winning drama began with a cliche as hotel visitor Daphne (Meghann Fahy) found a dead body drifting off the coast.  However, the show has returned with a primarily new cast in a magnificent Sicilian hotel. This tragedy gives another opportunity … Read more

Who Played Bane In Batman? 

Who Played Bane In Batman

One of Batman’s most infamous foes, Bane first appeared in the pages of Vengeance of Bane issue #1 back in 1993.  The bulky bad guy is not just a formidable opponent with a sharp mind and overwhelming power, but also a skilled tactician.  In the Knightfall narrative, he coordinated a continuous assault on the Dark … Read more

Top 5 Vampire Diaries Couples Fans Love Watching!! 

vampire diaries couples

The Vampire Diaries still has a huge fan following even though it appeared that the franchise was coming to an end in June with the cancellation of Legacies. A major factor in the success of the original series was romance. There was a lot of discussion among fans regarding whether they preferred a Salvatore in the … Read more

Did Strange World Flop? Everything We Know About It!! 

Did Strange World Flop

Before Strange World hit the big screen, Disney was aware of its problems. The film, a unique sci-fi adventure story, debuted to less than $30 million during the five-day Thanksgiving holiday stretch, which was a dismal start. Things only got worse from there.  So, did Strange World flop? With losses estimated to be in the … Read more

Why There Was No Doctor Doom In Black Panther?

Why There Was No Doctor Doom in Black Panther

It is a tremendous relief for his Marvel Cinematic Universe career that Doctor Doom does not appear in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.  Doctor Doom was rumored to appear in Black Panther 2 ever since Marvel Studios obtained access to the Fantastic Four characters. Throughout the making of the movie, rumors abound that he was either … Read more