Best Anime 2023 – You Can’t Afford To Miss These Anime In 2023 

best anime 2023

The fire of anime is spreading worldwide and with every new month, new anime projects are flourishing out on different platforms. Popular streaming giants like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Crunchyroll are pushing out exclusive anime content. So, are you a die-hard anime lover curious to know about the best anime 2023?  Believe us, you are … Read more

These Dragon Ball Female Characters Will Make You Swoon With Their Cuteness!!

Most Loved Dragon Ball Female Characters

When people in the Shonen fandom think of Dragon Ball, they probably picture either Goku or Vegeta with their spiked hair as the protagonist. They are the protagonists, and their epic, planet-shattering battles are the series’ main draw.  While the hulking male characters get the bulk of the attention, the Dragon Ball series also features … Read more

Legendary Anchor, Barbara Walters Passed Away At 93 – When Did Barbara Walters Die?

When Did Barbara Walters Die

If we pick the biggest names in the world of TV broadcasting, no doubt, Barbara Walters’ name will strike at the top of the list. Her amazing interviewing skills have made her one of the iconic names in the broadcasting field.  However, it seems with the New Year approaching, the world has something to cry … Read more

My Hero Academia Reveals Deku New Power!! It’s Pretty Shocking!! 

Deku new power

The first arc of Season 6 of My Hero Academia has concluded. Izuku Midoriya (aka Deku), the protagonist of My Hero Academia, has reached a new evolutionary stage, revealing a form that maximizes his abilities.  Deku new power comes from his rage at seeing his friends and colleagues nearly killed by the evil All for … Read more

Yellowstone Season 5 Update: S5 Receives A Big & Disappointing Update 

Yellowstone season 5 update

Disappointing news has been delivered to Yellowstone fans ahead of this weekend’s midseason finale. Seven episodes of the fifth season have already been shown on Paramount Plus, with the eighth set to premiere on January 1. After that, though, the show’s comeback date is anyone’s guess. Actress Piper Perabo, who portrays Summer Higgins, told TV … Read more

Johnny Depp Upcoming Movies 2023 – Depp Is Stepping Into Some Big Projects

Johnny Depp Upcoming Movies 2023

Since performers’ star power to entice audiences to the movies has diminished over time, the concept of the “movie star” has faded. Of course, if there’s anyone who can still make headlines, it’s Johnny Depp.  The A-lister became known for portraying eccentric characters like Edward Scissorhands and, most notably, Captain Jack Sparrow. For better or … Read more

One Piece 1071 Reddit Spoilers: New Disaster Is Coming!!

One Piece 1071 Reddit spoilers

One Piece 1071 Reddit spoilers have been released, and if they prove to be accurate, it might be a disaster for some characters. What’s coming next? Here is all we know.  In One Piece 1071 Reddit spoilers, we meet Uta and the rest of the Straw Hats in a cover story for Color Spread. They … Read more

How To Watch Yellowstone Season 5 Without Cable?

How To Watch Yellowstone Season 5 Without Cable

 After a slow start, Yellowstone has quickly become cable television’s most popular show. The season four finale drew in a record-breaking 9.3 million viewers who were all dying to find out what happened to the Dutton family.  A record 12.1 million people watched the 2-hour plus season 5 opener (episodes 1 and 2) live or … Read more

Witcher Blood Origin Post Credit Scene Explained!!

Witcher Blood Origin Post Credit Scene Explained

The Witcher Blood Origin has arrived on Netflix just in time for the holidays. The events of The Witcher: Blood Origin takes place thousands of years before Geralt, Ciri, and Yennefer’s time and focus on the creation of the first Witcher and the “conjunction of the spheres,” or the moment when the realms of monsters, … Read more

Black Clover Chapter 347 Delayed!! New Release Date Out!! 

Black Clover Chapter 347 Delayed

Black Clover chapter 347 delayed because of the author’s problems, which caused the long gaps between chapters in the last several installments. So, when is the new chapter coming out? Despite last week’s intriguing chapter, there will be no new one this week due to a sudden break on Black Clover’s part. In contrast to … Read more